Frequently Asked Questions

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What is your fee?

A mobile dentist visit with x-ray in Sacramento County is $95. This covers the visit, an x-ray if necessary, and an assessment of work needed. Once the work is determined, an estimate will be provided. Upon acceptance of the estimate, work can be done immediately or another appointment can be scheduled.

What area do you serve?

Sacramento Mobile Dental provides mobile dentistry to the entire Sacramento County

Do you take dental insurance?

No, Sacramento Mobile Dental requires payment for the services upon the visit. But we will assist you with the forms you need to get reimbursement from your dental insurance carrier.

How do I pay you?

A check is preferred. However Visa or MasterCard payments are also accepted.

What do I do in an emergency?

Call me at 916-715-2359. Together we can evaluate your condition and determine a plan of action.